An ongoing calling.

Inspired by spontaneous juxtapositions of organic and geometric shapes, I feel compelled to capture this beautiful world, moment by moment.


Photo books were born out of my desire to concretize my life-changing experience teaching English in Japan.

When photos only live inside your phone or camera memory card, it's easy to forget about them. I wanted to make physical books as a whole sensory experience, including maps and playlists. While leisurely flipping the pages, the reader can vicariously travel with me, immersing themselves in that space and time.

In August 2016, I self-published the first run of 6 books via Blurb, where Tokyo received a Blurb Staff Pick! Then I worked with local printers in order to sell independently and locally, expanding the series to eight books.

From August 2020-February 2021, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the second edition. In the process I added a book to the series for a total of nine volumes. Many books from this print run are still available for sale, on my online shop or at craft fairs.


North America

Salmon & Soba in Japan 2014-16; Spring at Cambridge in 2013.

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Equipment used

Editing software
Often Adobe Lightroom, sometimes Adobe Photoshop.

Often iPhone 13 Mini (previously 8, or 6), sometimes Sony point and shoot, rarely Sony Alpha DSLR.